Learning about the seven continents for kids. Books, projects and map resources for hands-on learning.

Seven Continents for Kids: Activities for Learning

continents of the world, montessori printable

Continents of the World - Montessori Printable

This is a Montessori site with stuff for kids . continents of the world montessori work printable

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Paper Plate Continents

Maybe have continents printed on different colored paper and then cut out and add continents to plate ( in their order) to make the world like God did. great craft for day one. Add bible verse to the plate.

Printable animals for the Montessori Continents study

Animals of the Continents Cards for the Continents map

Worksheets: Color the Continents: South America

Color the Continents: South America

Hispanic Heritage Month Kindergarten Places Worksheets: Color the Continents: South America

Die Kontinente entdecken

Die Kontinente entdecken

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