How to Grow Tulips in a Vase Indoors. #tulips #diy - my momma's fave flower @Jenn L Milsaps L Chang

Indoor Tulips - Fill glass container about with glass marbles or decorative rocks. Set tulip bulb on top of marbles or stones; pointed end up, add more marbles or rocks; so bulb is surrounded but not covered. Pour fresh water into the container.

How to Grow flower Bulbs in water

Alternative Gardening: How to Grow flower Bulbs in water. Make sure only roots are in water as the bulb will rot if left to sit in water.

wow what a plant

Aloe polyphylla- SPIRAL ALOE - this is awesome! (and it's aloe so I probably won't kill it)

how to make an indoor bulb garden

"Love Grows" Bulb Garden

"Love Grows" Bulb Garden In a clear container, create a lush, mossy garden of spring bulbs in bright jewel tones.

Vertical vases with white tulips

These vertical vases with white tulips are breathtaking. DIY wedding planner with ideas and tips including DIY wedding decor and flowers. Everything a DIY bride needs to have a fabulous wedding on a budget!

Forcing Bulbs Indoors For Winter Blooms: How-To & Tips

a lovely way to add a touch of Spring inside the home: Prepare bulbs ahead of time to bloom indoors during these cold, snowy months.

For the botanically inclined, enjoy this absolutely lovely way to display your potted tulips. Follow Sand and Sisal’s instructions and shake loose the dirt, add marbles to a clear container and admire the beauty of the tulip, roots and all. || @sandandsisal

How to Force Tulip Bulbs in Water

Tulipes à l'intérieur Sweet! How to force tulips to grow indoors. I'm totally doing this! My forced bulbs have already started coming up, but this vase idea is so much prettier than the green plastic containers I have!

Hail to the Hyacinth by theartofdoingstuff: Don't stress! Just about any container is just fine for forcing bulbs. #Bulbs

Hail to the Hyacinth! Ways to Display

Hail to the Hyacinth by theartofdoingstuff: Dont stress! Just about any container is just fine for forcing bulbs. DIY - Alternatives to the Infinite Marketplace

love the ornaments with the bulbs

Love the ornaments in the planters. Paper whites in concrete planters, and mercury glass Christmas trees ready this sunporch console table for the holidays.