GERECYCLEERD/ZELFGEMAAKT MATERIAAL : Kleef verschillende materialen op een houten paneel. Het kind kan rond/ over het paneel kruipen en met de handjes aan de verschillende dingen voelen.

Sensory board ,autism, special needs, STEMTap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

Stained glass painting - minus the mess! #DIY #KidsCraft

Mess-Free Art: Stained Glass Window Painting

Sensory Wall shared by The EYLF Page. Tänkte man kunde hitta alla rutor i vitt och sätta upp i mellomrummet.

Sensory Wall shared by The EYLF Page . An inspiring idea for show and tell ~ send home a piece of cardstock.and on each childs' presentation day, voila! An artifact to add to the wall, and a discussion/ jumping off point.-I like the sensory wall.

Pourquoi ne pas créer un mur tactile dans sa chambre sensorielle?

Des idées pour les bacs et murs sensoriels

Long-term project, lots of out of work stuff as not suitable for clients. Could make one of these for the white Snoezelen out of wood.

sensory wall More

Children explore through touch. With a sensory board/wall, children can touch the different textures to see how they feel.