You'd be amazed at how much stuff you can fit into a really narrow cabinet. This particular one wins out over other narrow bathroom cabinets because it has drawers, so you don't have to pull the whole cabinet out every time you want something. I had something similar that I used for years — it tucked neatly in beside the toilet in the tiny bathrooms of four or five different apartments. Bathroom cabinet, $119 from Amazon.

10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bathroom

Bathroom Floor Cabinet bathroom storage ideas - good idea having an "easy-clean" side beside the toilet ;

En sovalkov av gamla fönster

En sovalkov av gamla fönster (ennui)

The challenge: Create a "bedroom" (well, at least a bed nook) in an open-layout studio apartment

I have a problematical guest room slash office. Most designer combination rooms don't look like a real office where someone actually works. This wall is a great idea! Also in Paris the top floor of apartment buildings are one room flats. They were originally the maids room or "chambre de bonne" where you often find the bed in a curtained alcove. Change the wallpaper behind to toile and add curtains and voilà!

Farewell letter from

Built in bed. The bed looks so cozy surrounded on three sides like that and you have room for so many books at your immediate disposal! Or you can just make it a reading nook :)

Cleaver to build the bed up on a "stage" / plattform and have storage under it. For the compact living situation.

great article about a white & colorful apartment with lots of storage. I love the podest-bed solution. (Diy Home Decor Small Spaces)

half-wall reclaimed window divider, for top of the loft stairs.

One room four dreamy functions (Daily Dream Decor)

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apartment: Living/Bed room - The solid wall that closed the alcove to hide the bed was removed, in favor of a glass wall lined with a sheer fabric lightly hiding the sleeping area and allowing it to receive the light of day.