love vintage, shabby and antique decor!

I can almost smell the dust on this furniture. I like dust in the right place, it lends itself well with antique furniture, making it look untouched, aged, Mrs Havisham-esque. Dust has a place and its definitely here.

Industrial Decor, Industrial Decorating & Industrial Chic | west elm

west elm’s lighting sale includes lamps, pendant lights and more. Update the home with stylish accents from west elm’s lighting sale.

These gorgeous black bathrooms really know how to complete a room and add some chic

Dark Water: 10 Modern Black Bathtubs

A bath in Paris, by Sisters Agency for Elle Decor Italia / Inspiration Baden Baden Interior Amsterdam

White and minimalistic bedrooms

You can say that minimalism is only for laconic manly spaces but it’s not true! Minimalist style is perfect for any modern home and can look cozy.

Modern Minimalist Bedroom - Love the Pendant Light

By Soul Inside When it comes to choosing a color to paint a wall with, green hardly ever pops up as a first choice. However, green is a natural color associated with hope, and will refresh your space


if I ever did get a manicure. Bloodmilk jewelry is oh so lovely and inspirational.