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How To Tell If Eggs Are Still Good

Find out if the eggs in your fridge are still good by just using a bowl of water. Awesome budget tip. Fill a bowl with cold water and place an egg in it. Sinks = Good Floats = Bad Why – Old eggs have less liquid in it causing them to float.

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Swedish hasselbacks potatoes, Better than fries. I bet this would be great with sweet potatoes too! Gotta try sweet potato next time

Jodi Picoult.

Nineteen Minutes Jodi Picoult's best novel and most riveting book yet, with a startling and poignant story about the devastating aftermath of a school shooting told through the eyes of many characters:students, mothers, police, the shooter.

Use Dry Erase Markers to write on washer, Items not to be dried...smart!

Dry erase marker on the washer for clothes that are inside that shouldn't be dried! ---- I had a very old washer and dryer and the writing with dry erase marker didn't erase!

Seen on Celebrity Style Guide: Emma Stone wears celebrity favorite Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Over The Knee Boots while filming scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by a dock on Sunday afternoon (May 5) in New York City.

Emma Stone wears celebrity favorite Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Boots - Emma Stone on Celebrity Style Guide

spinach, chicken, pasta casserole... wonderful & easy weeknight meal.

Chicken & Spinach Pasta Bake 8 oz uncooked rigatoni 1 T olive oil 1 c chopped onion 1 oz) pack frozen spinach, thawed 3 c cubed, cooked chicken breasts 1 oz) can Italian-style diced tomatoes, drained 1 oz) container Philadelphia chive & onion cr