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Haus – Identity for sound design and visual effects production workshop Blvd (Montreal and New York)

Bauhaus is a super influential design movement, this also reminds us of art deco with the geometric lines and the overlap on the bar of the B.

Great simple round logo design with text that's visible and still looks quite classy.

Designspiration — SeptemberIndustry - The best in international graphic design and everything in between every week. CLASSY TYPOGRAPHY i like this logo. looks like a bike the one below. its simple but at the same time complex.

On my bucket list: Walk into my bedroom and see this (or anything in the same realm as this, frankly)

Everyone has seen tattooed girls all over the internet. But what about the tattooed men? People love them too, and these 16 men with tattoo sleeves will definitely make you thirsty. Prepare yourself for these swoon-worthy men.