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17 Explosive Bodyweight Exercises for Strength and Speed

17 Powerful Bodyweight Exercises for Strength and Speed Ready to add some intensity to your favorite bodyweight exercises? Achieve better athletic performance and a stronger body with these 17 powerful moves.

The 9 Best Plyometrics Exercises for Muscle

Plyometrics - jump to it! Build speed and strength at once. Very beneficial for endurance exercise/marathons. Shreds fat due to the high caloric cost of these moves.

Pull up progression

Pull ups help you to build strength in your upper body. This 31 day program includes also a mix of body weight exercises. Take the 31 Day Pull Up Challenge!

Squat progession for convict conditioning

I like this pistol squat progression, but i would ad to the last/goal exercise holding a pound plate and doing a front raise with it while performing the pistol squat. This not only adds resistance to the squat movement but it REALLY blasts the core!

Must-do move: Biceps planche | Men's Fitness UK

Biceps Planche: Want big arms? Curls work, but there’s an even better way – and you don’t even need a weight.