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This Movie Will Change How You Think About The Word “Fat”

Fat prejudice and body acceptance aren’t issues affecting only people over a certain size — they are also relevant, as Averill and Lieberman say, to “anyone who hates his or her body or anyone who may someday become fat.

Why on a news article was a comment left about my weight rather than my travel achievements. I look at this in my latest article - I Have Curves and I Travel - Deal with it!

TRUE BEAUTY is what lays underneath the skin. “Curvy girls are just as beautiful as skinny girls. And skinny girls are just as beautiful as curvy girls. Don’t bash one to lift the other up then act like that’s body positive!


Introducing Inspiration Quotes Inspirational sayings aren’t inspirational unless you’re inspired to take action. You’re able to read all the inspirational sayings and motivational quotes, but did they inspire you to achieve your task? These quotes should