3 steg: så gör du en snygg klädstång som hänger fritt | ELLE Decoration ~ETS #minimalism

DIY: Så gör du snyggaste klädstången

D e l'aquarelle sur vos murs, des tâches, des gouttes, et oui c'est LA nouvelle tendance! Cet effet original donnera à coup sûr du caractère à votre espace. Pour vos petits espaces, le...

Falling in love with everything watercolour? This wallpaper design is both stylish and soothing, creating a tranquil setting thats perfect for bedroom spaces. Rebel against boring one colour walls with this artistic watercolour pattern!

Textured, fancy walls are so in right now—and watercolor walls are just continuing that trend. Check out these pretty rooms that style the watercolor wall mural really well, for inspiration on how to do it in your home.