CONSTRUCTIVE ROOM IDEAS FOR SWAPNPLAY: Perfect example of well organized building materials. Here you have a great combination of natural wood blocks and loose parts from the environment with just the right amount of variety and quantity so as not to overwhelm and still encourage sharing and collaboration without limiting creativity and innovation.

Day 3 Wingate Children’s Centre community nursery school, CO. Durham, England Today we sat at breakfast and watched the news - roads closed, houses evacuated and rivers flooding .

Invitation to create an autumn collage from Fantastic Fun & Learning (",)

Fall Nature Collage Invitation to Create

Invitation to Create-Fall Collage. Combine natural materials and colored paper and invite kids to create their own fall collages.

Loose parts play

have divided into fractions with the natural materials to invite play with proportions & fractions

Shape Sorting Activities for #Children via Minne Mama (pinned by Super Simple Songs) #educational #resources

Shape Sorting for Toddlers

Shape Sorting Activities for via Minne Mama (pinned by Super Simple Songs) letter of the week is I, ice cube tray activity. bild filnamn-6cd106530217f06d93e5515191781349545bbe200cb5d.jpg version-177473b16f0fa5200ecdb12b2ba9830e bild filnamn-6cd106530217f06d93e5515191781349545bbe200cb5d.jpg version-177473b16f0fa5200ecdb12b2ba9830e

Learning patterns with legos.

susan akins posted Lego Math Patterns to their -Preschool items- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Patterns with legos. Make with separate color cards to change up the patterns. Could use the Candy Land cards

40 Fine Motor Skills Activities

This is a unique way to track students' fact fluency progress! Whenever a student masters a table, they get to color in a piece of the mandala. Coloring in the mandala is great way to practice patterning and rotational symmetry as well! There are 5 unique mandala designs included in this packet. The mandala is an ancient symbol that means "circle." It is supposed to mathematically represent the universe.

Mandala Math Fact Fluency Tracking - Multiplication and Division