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Baking Soda for Cancer Cure: Did you know?

Otto Warburg Although I do not believe in sharing "cancer cures" because they should only be sought and treated under health professionals, including holistic doctors, I do appreciate the truth in his work.

It is really unattractive when you see a yellow smile 🙁 Once i found this easy, all-natural recipe that can whiten my teeth and cure gum disease, I got impressed. This homemade toothpaste is incredible! Triggered by store-bought teeth whitener, thousands of Americans have experienced severe toothaches, gum irritation, brittle or translucent teeth, or increased sensitivity. Thanks to this simple recipe, I’ve kissed all those harmful (and pricey) tooth whitening kits goodbye for good. This…

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Cancer cured. Wow!

More research is needed for this. Liver Cancer Metastasized to the Pancreas and Kidney Healed with Black Salve (Bill Trucks) - Cancer Compass~An Alternate RouteCancer Compass~An Alternate Route