Dala Horses, or Dalahäst in Swedish, – first created by woodcutters as children’s toys, but over the years they’ve grown to become an icon of Sweden. There are four charts here in different sizes and colors. Felicity Hall cross stitch ideas or visit Fel

This cottage looks like the one which belonged to Liv's sister Sigrid south of Oslo. We stayed there several times when we visited Norway. It was like a picture-book cottage! And the yard had many flower gardens.

Swedish Weave/Huck Embroidery - Dala Horse border in red

Satu, Crochet Ideas

Creating a Kitchen Herb Garden What you’ll need: A variety of herb seedlings A small garden plot with prepared soil or various-sized pots or containers Pebbles or pot shards or drainage Soil for pots Watering can or hose Trowel Plant markers

Jonna Jinton, Nature Photography

Lingonberry ("puolukka" in Finnish). In Finland everyone can pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers, as long as they are not protected species.