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#BreastAugmentation by Dr. Walton Montegut of New Contours.  This patient wanted to maintain a natural look with an increased size.  She was just thrilled with the outcome following her surgery.  Check out for more information or call (949) 706-2711 to schedule a complimentary consultation.    OC Health Magazine refers to Dr. Montegut as the #BestKeptSecretinOC.  His patients know why!

See photos, get pricing, and learn more about breast augmentation surgery from Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr.

#TummyTuck, #BreastAugmentation with vertical lift #mastopexy and liposuction to streamline.  Beautiful!

with vertical lift and liposuction to streamline.

Thinspo, Fitspo

Damn this babe has a tight body on her, she is a very sexy brunette babe with the tightest firmest body ever, she must work out! This hottie is wearing some tight little black panties and a tight tank top bra thing, and is taking a Selfie on her iphone

Natural Teeth Whitener

Saу goodbye to exрensive аnd dаngerous teeth whіtenіng treаtments forеvеr! This sаfе, cheаp аnd ALL-NATURAL аltеrnаtivе wіll givе уоu a brightеr, whiter smіle frоm hоme - аnd in just a fеw weekѕ.

Easy DIY Platform Bed

Need a new bed for your bedroom? Why not make one of these DIY platform beds? Not only would it look great but it may also be the next DIY project you’re looking for. Check out these DIY platform bed ideas!

Eat all day long

Well this isn't true there is no 'zero calorie' food but these are good things to eat anyway. So long as they are not drowned in cheese. >> Zero calorie foods are those that burn more calories than they contain. This infographic breaks them down…

Power Foods to lose your gut & never go hungry

Power 12 Foods: Never Go Hungry. This is a fantastic nutrition article with the complete low down on the 12 best foods your diet should be bult around.