How to Iron Hama Perler Beads - by Craft & Creativity

To make with Hani & Ikea beads. Spring coaster hama perler beads by Craft & Creativity


Hey my lovely readers! For today, I’m gonna share with you 13 lovely hama bead designs to do with your kids at weekends. All of these perler bead designs are in cute.


Lay them on a cookie sheet on a piece of wax paper & bake. Makes a pretty ornament.

strijkkralen voor kleuters

disney princesses-inspiration for bead craft would have been cool to do when you were little and addicted to those beads

Perler bead snowflakes...such a great and easy idea...why didn't I think of this?? More

Make your own snowflake Christmas decorations with white hama beads -a great weekend crafting project with the kids.

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