Cómo hacer un corazón de piedras - How to Make a Unique Stone Heart, a way for Niomi to display the beautiful rocks she finds me. And I'm sure Travis will soon too

If you’ve read this blog at all you know I love felt. I have an entire bin full just waiting for me to craft it into something fabulous. Sadly, time seems to be escaping me and I have yet to …

Can You Felt The Love?

CUSTOM Abstract Felt Mobile by lupin at etsy. They remind me of peacock feather eyes.

Moyens de transport

Moyens de transport

¡Me gusta un montón!

Naturales algodón lino mezcla Cafe cortina cenefa con adornos de encaje de algodón. Un Panel de 51 "W hasta 22" L. tamaño de encargo disponible. Hecho a la medida

Natural Linen Cotton Blend Cafe Curtain Valance with Cotton Lace Trim. One Panel up to Custom Size Available. Made to order.