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I'm fat now. My picture is old. I'm an active atheist against the notion and belief of any super being. I respect people's right to religion, and their right

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Baby raccoon.

Baby racoons will do this when they are happy and feel like they are protected and safe. I've had several litters of baby racoons and they would always purr when they were curled up in a warm spot, nursing or when we'd pet them.

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and despite their small size, Yorkies have big personalities.

white raccoon

[ALBINO RACCOON: " Me bein' a special color critter n' allz mayhaps kin getz a special treat' tonites?

Oh, hey, what’s this? A baby raccoon with a cast? I’m sorry, did your heart just melt? | Animals March Madness, Round One: Alpacas Vs. Raccoons

beastieandthebeasts: “ This is Otter, an orphaned baby raccoon with two broken legs being cared for until she is healthy for release at Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Longmont, Colorado .

We know Raccoons can be very irritating, but this lil one is just too cute! Orlando Raccoon Removal Raccoon removal in Orlando Florida is a problem that must be addressed quickly and effectively. Guaranteed Orlando raccoon removal services starting at $200.00. Call us now at 407-733-8623.

Orlando Raccoon Removal Orlando Fl Raccoon Removal guaranteed raccoon removal in Orlando, and more!

Baby Flying Fox practicing his best 'Dracula' impression...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Baby Flying Fox practicing his best 'Dracula' impression- aww bless it

Rudolph the Raccoon Christmas Taxidermy Mount on Slay with Lights and Presents

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Starving Homeless Dog Gets Rescued And Taken To Pet-Friendly Restaurants Every Day - Ice Trend