This garden design is stunning and simple. The gorgeous green seating area, the beautiful stone section and the perfectly laid out path - we love it!

Garden designed with pebble-pattern stone path, through a pebble circle bed and lawn. Pebble circle planted with seaside plants. Pretty gazebo, at the far end. I wish this was my garden.

Hide The Downspout With A Trellis.

20+ Awesome DIY Garden Trellis Projects

Hide the downspout with a trellis. Hide your rain spout by transforming into a decorative climbing support for your favorite flowering climbing vine. I really like this idea and it looks great too.

every garden should have fairies!

Beautiful garden fairy love garden fairys make a fairy house out of a bird house with moss on it and fairy dust

How to make these...

Iron Sphere - Rusted in Garden Ornaments eclectic outdoor decor DIY with galvanised metal tape. These would make an amazing light fixture too!

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