...something wonderful is about to happen!

When you ignore the negative and focus on the positive you live a much better life! I choose to enjoy life and my wonderful husband!


Black has always been my favorite color. I always feel indestructible every time I wear black. Black is just the best color ever hands down! I even wanted to paint my room black, at one point, my parents weren't having it though.

I just can’t get enough of you…

I do not like sponge bob but I think this every Sunday Night "Weekend you get back here.

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Farewell letter from

Typical New York. But smart, because it creates the exact opposite effect.

Please do not smile at strangers - a sign posted by artists on the New York City subway St. F train, You gotta love ny lol

Mer glädje i livet.

Mer glädje i livet. always bring out the best in advance The worst that can happen is that you are happy in vain


"Shouldn't we try to find intelligent life on Earth before we try to find it in outer space?" by far the smartest thing ever said!



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