Björn Kriström

Björn Kriström

Björn Kriström
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Straight Line Designs Inc. | Unique and inspiring furniture design by JUDSON BEAUMONT

On this summer weekend, we look with wonder at delightful dressers and drawers that toss aside conventions. Here are unusual ways to store your stuff, courtesy of Straight Line Designs.

walnut wall-mounted knife rack.

We designed these solid walnut knife racks for the knife gurus who want to keep their beautiful knives nowhere near the metal featured on magnetic knife holders.

Make the perfect workbench - The Woodworkers Institute

When I started woodworking I struggled to hold work securely for planing and joint cutting. This was partly due to my inexperience, but also to do with the inadequacy of my workbench. The vices I used were subject to wracking and the more I tightened t