Table extractible dissimulée, 1 mètre de longueur, cuisine Pure, en chêne gris,  GRIS, implantation type cuisine 2792 euros, Cuisinella

Rangements pratiques pour la cuisine

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All the Different Ways You Can Ease the Transition Between Two Floor Treatments

I want this in my kitchen, space saver

Dish storage in kitchen this idea! I LOVE the idea of keeping plates in a drawer. This is a great example of drawer storage I would like in the island and cabinetry. Little or no standard cabinet fronts down low. all drawer storage.

sundaymorning, Fabio Candido, Marco Sarri, Massimo Fiorido — Appartamento a Pisa

Look at that floor!

Never seen flooring like this. No harsh dividing lines. In an open concept with the right contrast that could be cool! We have hexagon tiles and really awesome loft-style wood floors. This is an amazing look we can create!

Not sure if inanimate objects can be "sexy," but this kitchen is close.

Stainless steel perfectly evokes both simplicity and functionality. It's the perfect surface for those who want to have a space reminiscent of a professional kitchen.

Black kitchen is the best solution for a modern home. . Black is a strong color and is rarely used alone so many kitchens may feature black cabinets and kitchen islands but the walls, floors, and ceilings are usually made white for contrast. IT LOOKS absolutely stylish & the perfect way to go about .ONERead more


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