Soil Erosion Experiment This might look like such a simple experiment but it will definitely show the importance of having vegetation covering the soil to your kids! They will love this hands on exper (Garden Step Long)

Human Anatomy Fold Book

Color, fold, and cut to make this engaging anatomy booklet - good for a first look at the body and it's layers. From Our Time to Learn,

Printable Child-Size Skeleton

Here's a way to make education fun for kids. Print out an life-size skeleton on your standard size paper.

How the Moon Works

Great infograph on the Moon's phases. Shows the Moon in position to the Sun and Earth and makes it easy for the students to visualise as you explain the phases.

Kort i 3 delar om de inreorganen.Materialet innehåller 8 bildkort och 8 textkort.Vill du ha materialet så maila mig.