Perler bead Coasters

CUSTOMIZABLE Coasters grey black x 2 replace the pink by the color you like handmade thousand of ironed beads pansy flower

Perler Beads Daisy Heart - Perler Bead jewelry - Fuse bead designs - Perler Bead - Perler bead art - #perlerbead

Lay them on a cookie sheet on a piece of wax paper & bake. Makes a pretty ornament.

Small Minions Perler Bead Sprites by jinglebells0424

Minions hama beads by hakunashop. Got given a load of hama beads and we watched despicable me for the first time today.

Hama perler bead art ( 5x4 pegboards) by Christina Puggaard

Hama perler bead art ( pegboards) by Christina Puggaard. If I ever found the patience!