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Queen Of Pop Sprinkle Mix – Sprinkle Pop

Queen Of Pop Sprinkle Mix

If Lady Gaga and Britney Spears had a lovechild, it would look like this mix. Perfect for any birthday or just because, Queen of Pop is every little girl’s dream sprinkle mix. A pop blend of black, white, pink, and gold, let this mix rock your next occasion.

Rainbow Road Sprinkle Mix – Sprinkle Pop

Rainbow Road Sprinkle Mix

Look out MarioKart fanatics- our Rainbow Road mix is just your style. This colorful blend promises to be a hit atop your most festive treats! Great on just about anything for just about any occasion, Rainbow Road is truly a fan favorite.

Royal Plume Sprinkle Mix – Sprinkle Pop

Royal Plume Sprinkle Mix

Inspired by the gorgeous plume of a peacock, our brand new Royal Plume mix is a gorgeous blend! All the colors of the beautiful feathers are present, the rich blues and purples, mixed with aqua, pinks, and golds. This is the perfect mix to top off your classy and colorful desserts!

Who Hash Sprinkle Mix – Sprinkle Pop

Who Hash Sprinkle Mix

Fahoo Fores is a charming "Grinchy" blend of reds, greens, pinks and aqua with tiny green gelatin christmas trees.

Valentine's Cookies | Valentine's Day Cookie Delivery | Cheryl's

Valentine's Cookies | Valentine's Day Cookie Delivery | Cheryl's

Valentine's Cookies | Valentine's Day Cookie Delivery | Cheryl's

Perfectly Purple Sprinkle Mix – Sprinkle Pop

Perfectly Purple Sprinkle Mix

We all know someone obsessed with the color purple. What better way to show them you love them than making a treat topped off with our Perfectly Purple mix?! A monochromatic mix of rich purples, this mix is perfect for any occasion!

Drenched In Diamonds Glittery Sugar – Sprinkle Pop

Drenched In Diamonds Glittery Sugar

Jolly jimmies sprinkle mix is a holiday blend as festive as it's namesake. These simple and classic sprinkles are the perfect topper for your holiday cookies

Winter Wonderland Sprinkle Mix – Sprinkle Pop

Winter Wonderland Sprinkle Mix

Winter Wonderland is a wintry mix of white and silver with snowflakes.

Merry & Bright Sprinkle Mix – Sprinkle Pop

Merry & Bright Sprinkle Mix

This fun and festive sprinkle mix and sure to add a boost of color to your holiday treats. Pinks and turquoise pop against shimmery white sprinkles and snowflakes. A sprinkle of red and green holly confetti and vintage gold dragees give this mix a signature Sprinkle Pop Christmas vibe.

Bee Mine Sprinkle Mix – Sprinkle Pop

Bee Mine Sprinkle Mix

Our Bee Mine Sprinkle mix has us buzzing with love! It's a bright and colorful Valentine's Day sprinkle mix featuring, red, pink, and yellow with pops of black and tiny wafer paper heart-shaped bees!

Sprinkles Blend – Cosmic Sky – Cake Connection

Sprinkles Blend – Cosmic Sky

Sprinkles are perfect to add that special touch to your baked goods, or even as a special treat on ice cream! 4oz jar filled by volume Approx Net Weight: 3-4 oz.

12 Days of Christmas Inspo: Day 10 – Sprinkle Pop

12 Days of Christmas Inspo: Day 10

Our holiday sprinkle collection is full of bright colors, fun shapes and memorable flavors. But with so many sprinkle options, sometimes it's hard to figure out how to use them all. Don't worry, we get it. That's why we're bringing you 12 days of sprinkle inspiration with some of our most popular mixes! On the tenth day of sprinkle inspiration, Sprinkle Pop is bringing you another twist on classic Christmas colors with our Oh My Garland mix. This classic blend features a kelly and lime green…

Cupcake Kits – Sprinkle Pop

Cupcake Kits

Cupcake Kits – Sprinkle Pop

Football Cupcake Kit – Sprinkle Pop

Football Cupcake Kit

THIS KIT CONTAINS: 2 oz Lime Green Sprinkle Mix & 12 pressed sugar footballs Optional: 12 gold foil cupcake liner

Merry Lights Sprinkle Mix – Sprinkle Pop

Merry Lights Sprinkle Mix

Light up your desserts with our bright and colorful Merry Lights sprinkle mix. It's the perfect topper for your whimsical holiday treats. Rainbow sprinkles create a bold base for our Royal Icing Christmas lights