SD012: Figure 2.3

Designing for Services Beyond the Screen / Andy Polaine / good article on creating brand touchpoints

SD055: Figure 5.16

Service Design

SD055: Figure 5.16

Service Design

SD028: Figure 4.8

Service Design, Tourism, Turismo, Hiking, Travel

SD020: Figure 3.1

Service Design, Truths, Purpose, Insight, Books, Photos, The O'jays, 1, Livros

SD081: Figure 8.2

Service Design

SD071: Figure 7.3

Service Design, Keys, Books, Photos, Highlights, Livros, Pictures, Key, Book

SD054: Figure 5.15

Sticky Notes, Service Design

SD053: Figure 5.14

Rail Europe Experience Map, labelled on the right with the five dimensions suggested by Adaptive Path’s Chris Risdon

SD063: Figure 6.8

A journey summary describes a particular user’s journey through the main service phases, or through a more detailed set of steps. It shows what is going on visually, and the text describes the experiences and interactions with the chosen touchpoints.

SD047: Figure 5.8

service blueprint with customer touchpoints

SD046: Figure 5.7

Service Blueprint, Business Design, Corporate Design, Design Strategy, Innovation Design, Service Design, Design Thinking, Interaction Design, Mobile Design