God xD

Well thats a nice body u got there girl "vampires usually have a very nice body

Love old photographs! #pinyourlove #picmonkey Photo ca.1880s-90s albumen print on a cabinet mount, Photographer unknown.

ms-peculiar: “ Two victorian sideshow performers boxing - the fat man and the thin man.


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A**hole Antenna

"this is my asshole antenna - you're coming in loud clear" .for putting people on the back burner, to date a cute co-worker then a drunken summer rebound - EIGHT MONTH HIATUS for a "love" she claims: BULLSHIT!


Brace yourself - Christmas Memes Are Coming! Slapwank did very well holding back until December until we started posted Christmas memes.

Ewwww, funny, but ewwww

Bird Cartoon Photo: This Photo was uploaded by vickihewittlee. Find other Bird Cartoon pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free imag.

Yep we carry

Ever notice how the only people who claim guns are good for women are anti-feminists? Guns aren’t actually all that effective at protecting women from violence. People want their guns; Framing gun ownership as feminist is nonsense.

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