French toast made with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg then topped with banana slices.

50 Absolutely Irresistible Recipes For Your Next Brunch

Easter Brunch Recipe - Vanilla French Toast: Spice up regular French toast with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar; top with sliced bananas and powdered sugar for an easy and delicious Easter breakfast.

Indian Naan    swedish recepie indiska bröd

Naan bröd indiska bröd

Juicing/detox recepies

my juice fast recipes

I am here to inspire you to do the juicing fast I am doing after watching the movie “fat, sick and nearly dead” this summer and doing the fast for 10 days I was inspired to reboot my li…

vegetarian recepies for kids

Vegetarian kids

Girls Night recepies - Wonton Tacos

191 calories per serving. Hungry Girl wonton tacos, 191 calories for 4 tacos. These sound wonderful! for 4 tacos

176 popsicle recepies

5 Frozen Popsicle Recipes for Hot Summer Fun! Great idea for quick snacks for kids!