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By Hand & Eye

By George R. Walker & Jim Tolpin Download an excerpt from this book here. “By Hand & Eye” is a deep dive into the world of history, architecture and design. And the authors have emerged with armloads of pearls for readers. Instead of serving up a list of formulas with magical names (i.e. the Golden Section, the Rule of Thirds) that will transform the mundane into perfection, George R. Walker and Jim Tolpin show how much of the world is governed by simple proportions, noting how ratios such…

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The Essential Woodworker

Download an excerpt from this book here. By Robert Wearing In our opinion, “The Essential Woodworker” is one of the best books on hand-tool usage written in the post-Charles Hayward era. Wearing was classically trained in England as a woodworker and embraced both power and hand tools in his shop and in his teaching.He begins with a table. As you read the chapter on building a table, Wearing connects the dots for the hand-tool user by showing how all the tools are used in concert to produce…

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Japanese-Style Ebony Marking Gauges

Japanese-style gauges have tapered blades that cut wood fibers rather than tear them. This produces a fine cut-line, ideal for chisel registration and to prevent tear-out when sawing. These are well-made Indonesian ebony versions. The single-stem gauge has a wedge-secured 7" stem and a 4 3/4" long fence that is rounded on the underside for smooth travel over surfaces. For marking and mortise work, the double-stem gauge has a 5 3/8" long fence and 6" stems that secure with a thumbscrew…

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The Anarchist's Tool Chest

Download an excerpt from this book here. By Christopher Schwarz When I am too exhausted, ill or busy to work in my shop, I will shuffle down the stairs to my 15' x 25' workshop and simply stand there for a few minutes with my hands on my tools. To be sure, I thought I was a touch nuts because of this personality quirk. But after reading the oral histories and diaries of craftsmen from the last 300 years, I found it's actually a common trait among artisans. I am drawn, married or perhaps…

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The Art of Joinery, Revised Edition

Download an excerpt from this book here. “The Art of Joinery” was the first book published by Lost Art Press. It was out of print and unavailable for several years until we released this revised edition in the fall of 2013. Here is what the revised edition contains: 1. The lightly edited text of Joseph Moxon’s landmark work on joinery – the first English-language text on the topic. We took Moxon’s 17th-century verbiage and removed the long “s” characters, broke up his run-on sentences and…

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Veritas - Camber Roller for Mark II Honing Guide

On smoothing planes its desirable to hone a slight curve into the edge of the blade to eliminate blade tracks in the piece of wood being planed The Veritas Camber Roller Assem

To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry Don Williams, Printing And Binding, To My Parents, Woodworking Hand Tools, Marquetry, Teenage Years, Artist At Work, A Team, The Book

To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry

Download an excerpt from this book here. By Donald C. Williams, Michele Pietryka-Pagán & Philippe Lafargue “To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry” is the first English-language translation of the most important woodworking book of the 18th century. A team of translators, writers, woodworkers, editors and artists worked more than six years to bring this first volume of A.-J. Roubo’s work to an English audience. (Future volumes of Roubo’s other works on woodworking are…

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Large Router Plane - Open Throat

No. 71 Large Router Planes Router Planes are essential for any work that requires precise depth cuts, such as mortises, tenons, hinge gains, inlay, door locks, and the like. Loosely based on the Stanley No. 71, our Large Router Planes feature an improved Brass depth stop and Stainless Steel...

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Tapered Tenon Saw

Tapered Tenon Saw We’ve redesigned our three most popular back saws to feature a slight tapering of the blade from toe to heel. This taper gives you better control over precise cuts. When you reach the gauge line on the front of your stock, the blade is slightly above the line on the back side,...

With the Grain: A Craftsman’s Guide to Understanding Wood – Lost Art Press Moving To Toronto, Printing And Binding, Cell Growth, Plant Table, Shop Class, Built In Desk, Lost Art, Model Ships, Free Paper

With the Grain: A Craftsman’s Guide to Understanding Wood

Download an excerpt from this book here. By Christian Becksvoort A little knowledge about trees goes a long way toward improving your woodworking. You don’t need a degree in dendrology to build a desk. But you do need intimate knowledge of how our raw material grows and – more importantly – how it responds to its environment after it has been cut and dried. This knowledge allows you to tame the wood into the shapes that you have envisioned in your head. And it ensures that your furniture…