lampa z gombikov

Cheap lampshade + random buttons + glue = quirky and unique hand crafted light adornment wonder. Brighten up your room with this button shade! Take some buttons (square, circle, big, small) and glue them onto the lampshade to create a POP in the room.

Kandelaber av gjenbruksporselen

This teacup candelabra is an awesome centerpiece. Get a base candelabra then glue on bone china teacups insert candles and you have a masterpiece candelabra. Oh so shabby chic.

Kreera och gör om dina secondhandplagg! | Fröken Retro

Cut a hole in the back of a tee shirt top and sew in a hand crochet doilie. Or perhaps find square doilies, and put them on point on the sides of a shirt (so as not to show my bra).

recycle china lamp

A Teacup Lamp - Clever use for mismatched china DIY. Country Living project idea with instructions.

Ge din lampa en makeover med gammalt jeanstyg, för visst har du några du inte använder?

Being Green with Denim Blue Jeans - Up-cycle some old jeans and craft a DIY Denim lampshade. (Take into consideration the weight of your finished lampshade and be sure to pair it with a sturdy lamp that won't topple easily.

Olika saker man kan göra av gamla spets tyger och virkade dukar :)

DIY Lace balloons for wedding reception decor. Dip lace in glue and wrap various size balloons. Pop balloons after lace dries. Hang with string.


clever use for old doilies--a chair cover! Shabby maybe, but definitely chic. Can usually pick up old lace and crocheted doilies for pretty cheap at thrifts and estate sales.

härlig lampa!

Art Nouveau Lamp ~ so beautiful! I have not really much liked art nouveau but this is just lovely! The Tree of Light Flowers from Italy