Karin Volo

Karin Volo

It's time to spread more JOY in the world! That is my passion, my inspiration, and what brings me joy!
Karin Volo
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Laüra Hollick’s Red Gallery is alive with a primal, seductive, power that fuels the blood of birds and pulses with the passion of dreams that long to be birthed.



What is the key to finding joy, happiness and purpose in your life? It may surprise you, but this little movie shares that wonderful secret! Watch this movie. And, if you forward it to a friend or co-worker, it will put a smile in their heart!

Buy Businessman holding paper by happystock on PhotoDune. Businessman swap paper to show contrast idea

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An FBI forensic artist drew two sets of sketches: How women see themselves and How other people described those very same women. After you watch this, try not to cry.

Never Give Up Movie