Children love this! Shake it up and watch it separate again!

Make a Colorful Liquid Layers Density Column

8 science - Seven Layer Density Column - shake it up then watch them separate. FUN science experiment for the kiddos.

Enjoy the warmer weather with simple outdoor water play! What do you think? Tried something similar? – Let us know and send in those photos.

Fun with water, great recycled plastic bottle project. This could be pretty if you used wine bottles. It's just a matter of figuring out how to cut a hole in the side.

123 Homeschool 4 Me: Simple Machines – Printable Mini Book

FREE Simple Machines – Printable Mini Book that is perfect for a fun science unit on wedges, screw, levers, inclined planes, and wheel and axles (homeschool science)

Solar System Printables and Activities

Free: Solar System Printables and Activities

Earth and Space Sciences - Solar System Printables & Activities I could have used the "to scale" calculator link when we first study the solar system many years back.

FREE Solar System Worksheets Preschool thru Second Grad

FREE MOON PHASES MINI-BOOK (instant download)

123 Homeschool 4 Me has a FREE Space themed learning Pack. Kids will have fun practicing their letters, counting, using scissors,using ordinal wo

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These would be pretty for an outdoor wedding or just for your pretty patio! Repurpose tin cans; Make these lovely outdoor luminaries from Grow Creative

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Learn about the night sky and go stargazing with these books & making marshmallow constellations -- fun Astronomy activity for kids!

Halloweenpyssel - siluetter på papptallrik

Halloweenpyssel - siluetter på papptallrik

Make a liquid layers density column with many layers using common household liquids. This is an easy, fun and colorful science project that illustrates the concept of density.

Make a Colorful Liquid Layers Density Column

Make a Colorful Liquid Layers Density Column: You can make a colorful many-layered density column using common household liquids.