Concrete eggs made from egg shells. Wacky, but why not?! Nestle them in your potted plants on the deck...

Pour cement directly into egg shells and remove shells once cement has set. Perfect for encouraging nesting or as a replacement when removing eggs from a broody hen.

Seedlings in egg shells and egg cartons.

plant seeds in egg shells.then plant the egg shells and it will enrich the soil. Or crush your egg shells and sprinkle it on the soil

Tutorial: How to make candles from real egg shells. What a pretty Easter craft!

How to Make Easter Egg Candles

Dollar Store Craft - Tutorial: How to make candles from real egg shells. What a pretty Easter craft!

Chinese Dragon....

These 33 pictures of Chinese Dragons are the most beautiful images of dragons available on the net. I've spent 10 years taking these photos of Chinese dragons in temples around Taiwan.

Dragon Chino

The Imperial Chinese Dragon is one of the most revered in Chinese mythology because it carried with it the promise of rain.

Chinese New Year Parade Dragon Dance

The Dragon dance is an important part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. It is carried on by a team of performers who hold the dragon up on poles, raising and lowering the Dragon making him dance.

Chinese New Year Traditions: Red Envelopes

The Chinese New Year celebrations begin on New Year's Day. red envelopes, feasts, lion dances, dragons and firecrackers.

chinese new year dragon dance

Spring Festival Customs – 舞龙 Wu Long (Dragon Dance) 舞龙Dragon Dance is a performance in Chinese tradition where a team of trained dancers move the long serpent-shaped body above their heads with wooden.

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