How to fold a napkin into a bunny (with pictures!)

Easter - Yellow Napkin Bunnies - How to fold a napkin into a bunny (with pictures!

Taklyftet : Blomsterkurs - påsk arrangemang

Taklyftet : Blomsterkurs - påsk arrangemang - open grapevine heart with flowers, nest - wall hanging or wreath door decor - spring nature

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påskris med kycklingar - easter tree with chickens

For Easter in Sweden it's tradition for small children to dress up as witches and knock on doors in the neighbourhood and collect candy, in exchange for drawings.

- In order to look as a real påskkärring children also have their face painted with big red cheeks, some lipstick and painted freckles.

I love this Swedish tradition of putting up Easter branches decorated with feathers in many colors. Wow.

Swedish Easter Traditions, Leg of Lamb and Gravy “Påsk”