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12 pictures for greenhouse inspiration from around the web. These conservatories are indoor garden wonders. Inspire your green thumb with these photos. Natural light never looked so good!

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Expérience: germination de lentilles dans des pommes de pin - Tête à modeler הנבטת עדשים בתוך איצטרובל

Maranta leuconeura erythroneura (Prayer plant)

Maranta Red Prayer Plant

Maranta red prayer plant (Maranta leucomeura), a low-growing evergreen perennial native to Brazil, is often grown in hanging baskets and as a ground cover in atriums and shopping mall planters.

Toothache Plant

Toothache Plant (Spilanthes Oleracea) - Start Toothache Plant seeds and grow this helpful and attractive plant in the herb garden! Toothache Plant is a tender perennial that is commonly used to treat


Polypodium verrucosum E. Lowe Lowe, E., Ferns: British and exotic, vol. 3 Lowe, Edward Joseph British botanist and meteorologist of independent means at Shirenewton.

DIY: An Indoor Trellis for Climbing Vines: Gardenista

DIY: An Indoor Trellis for Climbing Vines

DIY: An Indoor Trellis for Climbing Vines (Gardenista: Sourcebook for Outdoor Living)

fern nursery

Catalogue of Ferns, published in 1884 by the W&J Birkenhead Fern Nursery, in Manchester England.

Balthasar van der Ast

The Athenaeum - Chinese Vase with Flowers, Shells and Insects (Balthasar van der Ast)