Cleaver to build the bed up on a "stage" / plattform and have storage under it. For the compact living situation.

great article about a white & colorful apartment with lots of storage. I love the podest-bed solution. (Diy Home Decor Small Spaces)

Dåligt med utrymme? Utnyttja en dörr för att sätta upp ett smart förvaringssystem. Olika tillbehör som korgar, tavlor och krokar gör det enkelt att organisera småsaker efter just dina behov.

Elfa Door Rack - Bathroom / Laundry Room Best Selling Solution 1 at STORE. Elfa door rack system to make the most of unused space on the back of a pantry or bathr.

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apartment: Living/Bed room - The solid wall that closed the alcove to hide the bed was removed, in favor of a glass wall lined with a sheer fabric lightly hiding the sleeping area and allowing it to receive the light of day.

Scandinavian studio apartment

There are some downside to living in a apartment studio, not having as much space for your stuff and furniture and just feel like living in your bedroom. Just because your apartment studio is a tiny room (one room), It’s… Continue Reading →

Mäklare - Fastighetsmäklare Södermalm och Stockholm

White Studio apartment inspiration - we bring you bright ideas for how to design your living room, bedroom, bathroom and every other room in your house.

Hur kan man inreda liten lägenhet större ? Här får ni de bästa tipsen på nätet hur ni enkelt och billigt kan få er lilla lägenhet att se stor och glammig ut

This stunning ft² apartment was designed by the Russian architecture firm for a young couple living in Moscow. The style of the .

The Half Loft is a Genius Solution For Your Small Space Frustrations

The Half Loft is a Genius Solution For Your Small Space

IKEA hack make DIY raised bed frame storage underneath perfect for little kids room. Door to inside thy have cozy nook etc small space youth bedroom

interior design for living room and bedroom

small apartment decoration functional carefully livingroom Small Apartment Decoration Functional and Carefully

07. compact-vrum

Så inreder du smartast på liten yta

room partition ideas

14 Bedroom with living room design ideas. Decorating a small apartment to meet the real needs of one family is a real challenge for every designer. In such cases, quite often one room has several purposes.

Bedroom with living room design

14 Bedroom with living room design ideas. In such cases, quite often one room has several purposes.