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Terrific idea to brink plants right into your deck. This is the perfect place to have plants that can repel mosquitoes like lemongrass and citronella geraniums!

DIY Hose Hiding Outdoor Planter p

DIY Hose Hiding Outdoor Planter - An Easy Project for Every Yard

DIY Outdoor Planter with Hidden Hose Storage. I'm so happy to meet this creative project. It not only serves as a great outdoor planter for your backyard, but also provides a great storage for your messy hose.

Great idea. Cinderblocks stacked up against a wall with a cushion on top. Easy!

Budget-Friendly Bench for OUTDOORS. If you are looking to ad low-cost seating to your outdoor space, build a concrete block bench like this one. To complete the look, cover it with foam cusion and throw pillows for comfort

Setter du fikentre sammen med oliventre og palmer får du skikkelig middelhavssteming på terrassen.

Oliventre i en lett og moderne fiberclay potte.

Palmer er stilig i fiberclay potter.

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