Long Sofa by Josef Frank #Sofa #Josef_Frank #svenskttenn

Giant couches are the only couches Long Sofa by Josef Frank

The Tea room in Svenskt Tenn's store at Strandvägen 5.

Svenskt Tenn’s Tea Room is upstairs in the store on Strandvägen It serves morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea with a striking view over Nybroviken.

Svenskt tenn

Josef Frank had an enormous impact on the history of Swedish design. The Austrian architect is considered to be one of Sweden’s most important designers.

Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson travelled to Mexico in 1939. She brought 70 boxes of objects back to create an exhibition in the store in Stockholm. Between 2014.06.11 – 2014.08.17 an exhibition showed products purchased during a trip in Estrid Ericson’s footsteps in 2013.

"The world is a book and he who stays at home reads only one page" Estrid Ericson, founder Svenskt Tenn, Mexico From Fashion and Textile Museum.