Improve your range of motion, increase circulation, and calm your mind with this 10 minute full body stretching flow. The following yoga poses target your tightest muscles, ensuring an amazing total body stretch!

Full Body Stretch

Improve your range of motion increase circulation and calm your mind with this 10 minute, full body stretching flow workout.


15 Veggies Perfect for Container Gardening

15 Veggies Perfect for Container Gardening - Bless My Weeds

Love the low maintenance landscaping.

Christmas wreath - pretty in it's simplicity!

All Greens Wreath

WHAT YOU’LL NEED Hammer / Saw / Shovel / Wire cutters Tape measure / 4 4-foot 2-by-10′s / 16d galvanized nails / 2 6-foot 2-by-4′s 4-foot 2-by-4 / 49 feet of 12-gauge galvanized wire, cut into 7 7-foot lengths / 8

DIY Compact Vegetable Garden Are you a little tight for space? Have you considered square foot gardening? With this project you can address both of these issues. For the original post and direction… YOUR GARDEN ART PROJECT IS WAITING FOR YOU.

Blomlåda med hjul.

It feels wonderful having a beautiful patio or backyard garden, but you still need some privacy on your own home. That's why it's necessary to have an outdoor privacy screen.

Snyggt land i pallkragar i svart blyfri färg.

Snyggt land i pallkragar i svart blyfri färg. - Our Secret Garden

Pergola i soländen på altanen för mysiga sommarkvällar

Drömmen om en pergola – 9 underbara pergolor med eller utan tak

Black pergola and cool planter

Trädgårdsflow: Om buxbom, plåtkanter och lite till:

Garden Flow: If boxwood, sheet metal edges and a little

Sauna / hot tub combo

Det enklaste är det vackraste

A big sauna with a huge window looking out on the forest and the outdoor hot tub that's big enough for many people to warm up from the cold. This could also be used as a cold pool for dunking after sweating in the sauna.

Växtkraft! När saker börjar bli klara och man kan tassa ut på morgonen med en kaffekopp istället för skruvdragaren. #spalje #odlingslåda #odla #pallkragar #pallkrage #trädgård #jordgubbar #citronträdgården #garden #gardeninspo #gardening #minegenfavorit

Neat little kitchen garden with a nice trellis for growing climbers. Raised beds and simple paving create a clean modern look.

Spalje och rumsavdelare för mina klätterväxter!

Roomdivider for the garden, but make them in white instead!

Ide til tilplantning af plantekasser ved terrasse

I really like how the planters sit both on the deck and grass - På vår altan - Karin Boo Wiklander

5 Mid-Century Frank Lloyd Wright Houses that Can be Yours!

gardeninglovers: Picknickset van geborsteld staal

a beautiful spot