It's been so much fun to talk design lately. Every conversation I have with another interior designer whether they are from Texas, Seattle, NYC, Atlanta, we are all really feeling the same aesthetic content. While our flair may be a little different, depending on our location, the overall theme is very similar. Being that today is Monday and I am always most motivated on this day of the week, I want to share what I am really finding is looking so chic and a current theme in my cli...

Design Trends: What I am loving for 2017

its an interesting way to store logs, not sure its the most attractive though

25 Cool Firewood Storage Designs For Modern Homes

modern fireplace + wood storage - love the wood storage. The fireplace is too modern for me

Snow E cabinet by Jonas Bohlin and Thomas Sandell from Asplund and Leimu lamp by Magnus Pettersen from Iittala

Picture from House of Philia: featuring Iittala Leimu lamp in grey, desing by Magnus Pettersen

Contura i51A in Artstone is a stained white cast stone, unique to Contura. Supplement with a black painted steel log box.

Contura in Artstone is a stained white cast stone, unique to Contura. Supplement with a black painted steel log box.

Svenssons i Lammhult - Möbler - Skåp och vitrinskåp / Snö E skåp, med glasdörrar / vit, djup 42 cm

The Snow E Cupboard by Asplund features a soft-close mechanism and a sleek, solid design, perfect to hold dinnerware.

Een houtkachel van Contura staat bekend om het bijzondere design van dit merk. De kachel is prachtig vormgegeven en het vuur is altijd goed zichtbaar. Bovendien zorgt de Contura houtkachel ervoor dat uw ruimte op een slimme en milieuvriendelijke wijze wordt verwarmd. De Contura houtkachels zijn uitgebreid getest op veiligheid en voldoen dan ook gegarandeerd aan alle veiligheidsnormen.

Kernow Fires Contura 556 on a rotating pedestal wood burning stove installation in Cornwall.

Contura 35 high in White is a beatiful woodburner available with a heat tank which retains the heat up to 7 hours.

The wood burning stove Contura 35 is covered in black or white sheet metal which gives it an uncompromising, industrial feel. A powerstone heat tank retains the heat for a long time, up to 7 hours! Welcome to Contura