Love these ferns and hostas for a shady location. -

Starter Shade Collection

Perennial Shade Garden Plans For Shade Loving Perennials, Perennial Shade Plants - For the side yard under the trees.

An earth/land artist is a professional landscaper whose central focus is a return to Nature. Land artists emerged in the 1960s in protest to the artificiality and commercial orientation of art of the time. Rejecting museums as the proper forum for art, land artists turned to the earth itself as their gallery.  Land art shapes the natural environment into conceptual forms that speak to the culture, geography, and values of the region.

It is a person who reshapes the earth into works of art using natural materials enhanced by select, inorganic elements when appropriate. Most land/earth artists have been Americans who have rejected the commercial aspects of art. They have sought to move

Japanese Forestgrass. Japanese forestgrass (Hakonechloa macra) is a wonderful grass for shady areas. It offers a lovely waterfall-like habit and variegated varieties have bight gold, yellow, or white in the foliage. In fall, the leaves usually pick up beautiful reddish tones. It grows best in Zones 5-9 and grows a foot tall.

Our Favorite Shade Garden Perennials

SHADE Top Picks: 'Aureola' bears bright yellow leaves with dark green edges; 'All Gold' has even brighter golden foliage. Plant it with: Add zing to a shady corner by planting Japanese forestgrass with a bold, golden hosta.

Artificial turf between paving.

Hardscaping 101: Artificial Grass

Conservation Grass is a synthetic grass solution for the luxury residential market. Save water, money and maintenance time by replacing your grass with Conservation Grass.

A variety of hosta, heuchera and variegated Jacob's Ladder.  There are also Ostrich Ferns toward the back of this flowerbed.

Charming flower bed with a variety of hosta, heuchera and variegated Jacob's Ladder. There are also Ostrich Ferns toward the back.

Classic Travertine Paving Filled

Classic Travertine Paving Filled used in a modern, contemporary garden. The 'inside/outside' look, with bi-fold doors, is extremely popular at the moment and the Travertine lends itself well to this.

Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Golden Ring' (v)

Find help & information on Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Golden Ring' (v) Japanese barberry 'Golden Ring' from the RHS

Full size picture of Narrowleaf Aucuba, Japanese Aucuba Longifolia (iAucuba japonica/i)

PlantFiles Pictures: Narrowleaf Aucuba, Japanese Aucuba 'Longifolia' (Aucuba japonica) by growin

Phormium 'Sundowner'

PHORMIUM 'SUNDOWNER' A strong upright flax, with evergreen leaves of bronze-green with variegations of copper-red and dark bright pink margins. Outer leaves tend towards green and cream. Occasionally, yellow flowers are produced.

Egyptian Limestone

Australia's largest supplier of natural stone pavers & outdoor floor tiles.

Camellia japonica

Camellia japonica

Classic Travertine Paving Filled

Classic Travertine Paving Filled has naturally occurring cavities which are factory filled with a resin grout. This gives the stone a distinctive white-marbled effect, evoking a bit of Mediterranean spirit in your garden.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Lanarth White'

Find help & information on Hydrangea macrophylla 'Lanarth White' (L) hydrangea 'Lanarth White' from the RHS

Buxus sempervirens Topiary Ball.

Buxus sempervirens Topiary Ball.