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SIR ROGER MOORE: THE FAMILY STATEMENT IN FULL 'It is with a heavy heart that wed must announce our loving father, Sir roger Moore, has passed away today in Switzerland after a short but brave battle with cancer. The love with which he has surrounded in his final days was so great it cannot be quantified in words alone.

BREAKING NEWS: Bond legend Sir Roger Moore has died aged He was famous for his portrayal as James Bond and he was said that his charitable work for Unicef was his greatest achievement. He died of cancer in Switzerland May

Marty Trenta, Sunday 14th August 2016 [12 11 46]

Marty goes down the ramp. In spite of the untruthful and dishonest claim made by Länsstyrelsen Skåne that he cannot get up or walk, our boy is perfectly capa.

Marty Trenta, Wednesday 10th August 2016 [15 43 46]

Marty Trenta, Wednesday 10th August 2016 [15 43 46]

Marty Trenta, Tuesday 9th August 2016 [12 01 25]

Marty outside going up the ramp and drinking his water.

Marty Trenta - Daily walk (August 8, 2016) [20 55 31]

Marty Trenta - Daily walk (August 8, 2016) [20 55 31]

Marty Trenta, 8th August 2016 [20 50 25]

My handsome Marty. He is very much alive and perfectly capable of walking or standing still.

Marty Trenta, 7th August 2016 [20 29 46]

Marty walks some more and is very alert.

Marty Trenta, Sunday 7th August 2016  [20 30 17]

Marty goes for a walk and is particularly energetic and eager to go fast.

Marty Trenta, Friday 5th of August 2016

Evening walk We regularly take Marty out for a walk. Länsstyrelsen Skåne claim he cannot get up at all but as you can see it is a.

Marty Trenta, August 4, 2016

Female employee from Länsstyrelsen Skåne claimed Marty could not get up or walk.

Marty Trenta, Thursday 4th of August, 2016

Marty Trenta is 13 years old and he enjoys his life very much. He is our dog and a permanent member of our family. Sadly, he has been unfairly targeted by a .

Hans Matheson as Johnny in Jericho

Luxury London chats to Hans Matheson in the run up to his latest period drama, Jericho, which airs this January

No Leaders Please by Charles Bukowski (read by Tom O'Bedlam)

invent yourself and then reinvent yourself, don't swim in the same slough. invent yourself and then reinvent yourself and stay out of the clutches of mediocr.

Terence Stamp by Blake Little Photography

Berlin: Terence Stamp to Play God of War Odin in 'Viking Destiny' (Exclusive) David LG Hughes will direct the film about a young Norse girl who is the rightful heir to the Viking Kingdom.