Carina Sule
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make a moveable wall like this to use in front of lightsource in studio for cool sunlight effects

"An Open Ended Design for a Bamboo Flood Shelter." A small structure entirely built of bamboo is envisioned by H&P Architects as a flexible design that can withstand floods in their native Vietnam.

woning P-VR

This particular design interested me because I am trying to train my eye better in what makes an unfinished illustration look complete. It amazes me how the eye completes the missing areas.

Floating timber slabs create layered walls within New York shoe store by Jordana Maisie

Volume and void expands on FEIT's West Village store designed by Australian designer Jordana Maisie, creating an iconic design that marries raw and natural materials with digital technology.

3D printed bridge by Joris Laarman and MX3D

Austrian architect Wolf D Prix declared robotic construction and printing to be the future of architecture, while Dutch designer Joris Laarman shared his plans to use robots to print an entire Amsterdam footbridge in mid air.

Fly Out House balances on a concrete wall to avoid overlooking a busy road

This timber-framed house by architect Tatsuyuki Takagi is raised up by a cantilevered concrete slab, keeping it away from a busy road in Toyohashi, Japan

Brunel's first project to become London's latest underground venue

Brunel's first project to become subterranean theater By Stu Robarts A freestanding cantilevered staircase will give visitors views of Brunel's Rotherhithe Shaft