Use old & new bricks, salvaged tiles, broken dishes & other eclectic finds to build a walk that's also a memory path.

Don't send those old bricks, left over tiles, broken dishes or other eclectic finds to the dump. build a walking / memory path. The new yellow brick road!

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Så fint att ha "pergolan" ytterst på trädäcket. Då tar det inget ljus till insidan av huset. Smart!

The pergola is understated by nature, an empty frame to accent or support. It doesn't look like much on its own, but a garden without a pergola is like a r

Allées de jardin créatives pour votre extérieur

kids can make the side paths: smaller spiral footsteps inset in the concrete or ?

Pink Cosmos - Far Out Cosmic Pink, flower combo

Pink Cosmos - Far Out Cosmic Pink with purple Salvia farinacea, and bright pink hardy Geranium along brick walkway.

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