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Tapasbricka (kock André Wessman)

Tapasbricka (kock André Wessman)

Guacamole à la Markiz och Blossom med hemgjorda kex (kock Markiz Talhaoui)

Plommonspäckad fläskkarré med gräddsås (kock Per Morberg)

Getting Fit!

If your a little on the bigger size make it your goal not to just lose weight! Focus on your curves and emphasize the shit out of them, I'm skinny, but I'm working on eating right to gain some weight and work out right so I gain that hour glass shape

Do pull-ups

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Excellent motivational quote for getting into shape. I have known and excepted for a number of years that I will never be a slender girl. I was born a curvy girl, and I love and embrace it. So my goal is never to look like other girls, but look the best that I can look.

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