Vår trädgård idag…

A way to grow vines up the side of the house without having them root on your siding or ruin the mortar of bricking.

Summer Inspiration from Cox & Cox

Things to incorporate in a garden or on a porch.old crates, baskets, buckets.

Vaaleanpunaiset pionit. Rosa pioner.

***Backyard*** Here is where I'll place grass and flowers and stuff on the edges n back of the house

poppies and verbascum

FRIENDLY GARDENS - deerlymissed

last-picture-show: “ Opium Poppies with Ornamental Verbascum ( mullein) ”

cestmoimomentsofinspiration: Via:

rain gutter into a wine barrel

Snygg kombo - lavendel och silverpäron

Snygg kombo - lavendel och silverpäron (Almbacken)

Almbacken: Stylish combo - lavender and silver pear The silver trees are Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'

Love this idea!!!  Keep the birds and squirrels away from the veggies!!

Cold Frame in Vegetable Garden with young lettuce plants. Can diy with found/thrifted windows.

S c a n d i n a v i a n . S t y l e

S c a n d i n a v i a n . S t y l e

Intérieur de style

Flowerbed around deck

Fint med: svarta pallkragar och småsten runt, för barnen att plantera diverse. Avsides, så dolt så möjligt!!!

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BIKAS TRÄDGÅRD: Underbara sommar....

I like use of rocks gravel to slow water down as it moves through landscape on slight slope. Flat stone with depression in foreground a perfect spot for bees & butterflies to get water (without drowning in a deeper birdbath)

honungsros veranda - Sök på Google

Again, a beautiful trellis and a viney plant.

Grusgång och rund plantering

Grusgång och rund plantering

The Tages garden: Trellis of rebar

I Tages trädgård: Spaljé av armeringsjärn Garden trellis made of rebar

Stjärnflocka Astrantia ‘Hadspens Blood’

Bästa stjärnflockan (Victoria Skoglund)

Straitness are another one that mixes beauty with reliability.