3 actividades para aprender a escribir el nombre propio

3 actividades para aprender a escribir el nombre propio

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-March -Math addition -This activity gives children the ability to be hands on with the concept of addition or even subtraction

LEGO storage DIY.   Our baby girl got tons of Lego Duplos and a building Mat for Christmas!...she loved it Them! So, hubby decided he would make a table for her to build on, and store all of her Legos that were in three different containers. My hubby went out and found this awesome little ottoman at target (on sale for $20). Which he transformed into an adorable little storage bin for her Legos, and when the top is flipped over it is a table to build with! Just trimmed the board down, and…

Loads of lego storage ideas for girls and boys bedrooms and toy rooms. Organising lego to look tidy and the kids can enjoy their lego play.

the stay-at-home-mom survival guide has a great idea for counting and eggs - Easter activity, spring activity, farm activity

Preschool Activities

Egg Carton Number Match: The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide: Preschool Activities I love when I can reuse things to make games:)

Color sorting Pipe Cleaners: a fine motor activity and practice with colors too! by bridgette.jons

Color matching toy made from recycled pringles box punch hole on the lid and colour code it. Use variety of colored pipe cleaner to play the "Match the Color" game.

Coloring for kids. Complete Drawing the Halves

Coloring for kids. Complete Drawing the Halves to make funny animals / How to Draw. Painting and Drawing for Kids

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Magnets with the hula hoop so that it can be put up and down quickly between classes. Could make them for group activities