Garden Fountain

Pondless Backyard Fountain Pond and Waterfall. Even without the fountain, which in Az will grow algae like nobody's business, I think the idea of softening up the patio with a little rock garden with plants mixed in.

building a perfect raised bed

Step-By-Step: Build the Ultimate Raised Bed


22 DIY Porch Decor Ideas (so many cute ideas!) Planter made from old chair

A shade garden with ceramic urn surrounded by Sarcocca confusa, Hostas and Geraniums - Vine road summer story

The Artful Gardener: a shade garden with a ceramic urn surrounded by sarcocca confusa, hostas, and geraniums. Would be nice as a water feature

Daucus carota by horticultural art

Love the cabinet queen anne's lace beauty Green! green Daucus carota by horticultural art


What a lovely focal point in your garden, surrounded by roses. It's so nice to go around a corner & see something pretty like this.