It's true

It’s true. My life is better when you’re laughing.

Emelie Karlbom

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The best memories come from the craziest ideas. (And generally with your best friend in tow.

The doctrine of my life

"Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow." Let’s be the boss. Let’s take the boss down. Let’s order too much of something just to see where our limits are. Let’s take a chance precisely because it might fail.


Exactly - Thanks for the quote Roy Disney! Im not sure if Disney's mission statement today reflects what Roy Disney and his big brother Walt really valued. Click the photo to read the Disney mission s(Whats Your Favorite Quote)

Got this from a 75 year old. Thanks George!

Inspiring Quotes: What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.

Like hitting a brick wall... :)

the quote 'today is a new day' gets old, but it really is true. Another ay, another chance. Feel free to change!