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How to Start a Small Business Cafe

Starting a small business cafe is a microcosm of starting a restaurant. You may have less space than a restaurant and offer fewer menu items. However, cafes are often open for breakfast, lunch and .

Skärbräda serveringsbräda pussel cuttingboard plate

Puzzleboard: A Plate, a Cutting Board, a Puzzle!

still unsure about pallets...

Soffa av lastpallar – 19 trädgårdsmöbler du kan göra själv!

Pallets Re-purposed - For the pallet table I& thinking positioning slate or interesting flat landscaping rocks to surface on epoxy. Could make a cool backyard table! Nichols - you have plenty of space for this on your patio

Food Trucks 024_5_2012_s

Ideas and inspiration for cafes, coffee shops, tea shops, cake shops and delis. Would love one of the holy canolli cupcakes!

Original tienda para tus niños en casa

Original tienda para tus niños en casa

Bistro inspiration, reclaimed wood island. cafe.coffeeshop.tearoom

La Petite Brioche Bakery by Binomio the reclaimed wood facade and the casters. Maybe an idea for fm.