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I like the skinny white sashing and tiny solid squares mixed with the print triangles -- links to a site that seems sketchy, so just saving this for image

View of Single Irish Chain quilt pattern, shows baby quilt with solid pattern blocks.

Single Irish Chain Quilt Block Pattern - sometimes these really simple patterns look great and also leave lots of space for handquilted motifs in the plain blocks!

Glazeitorium: Cone 10 Haze 2-2  G200 43.6  Flint 18.64  Laguna borate 6.0  Whiting 7.72  Zinc oxide 3.67  EPK 2.35  Dolomite 5.56     Bentonite 1.87  Tin oxide 2.83  Titanium Dioxide 3  Light Rutile 5

In order of tiles 570 Stoneware Soda (Black and White Slip) Porcelain Electric Porcelain Soda (Black Slip) Haze .

10 Jun (Chun) glaze tests | Pottery by Inge Nielsen Potash 40 Whiting 21 Calcium borate 1 Flint 30 Gaolin 1 Ball clay 3 Talc 3 Wood ash 1.5 100.5 Black iron oxide 1

Pictured above: tianmu bowl with Jun 2 glaze (minus calcium borate/ colemanite) Jun (sometimes transliterated as Chun) is an elusive Chinese glaze. At its best, it is a light, opalescent .


Chun glazes are lovely light blue high fire glazes that feature opalescence caused by micro bubbles that refract light. Interestingly, Chun glazes are very